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Warshmlallows is a 3vs3 autobattler shooter game.

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Note from the team :

Dear community, After 3 years of development for Warshmallows on Steam, Epic, and Nintendo Switch, we decided to take Warshmallows to a new level by making Warshmallows World.

Warshmallows World is a free-to-play game that will mirror our vision of casual competitive games. We want to create a competitive game, a shooter, that will be very fun to play, accessible to the maximum of the player, and available on a maximum of platforms. We also bring a whole new philosophy of ownership into the game, where winning tournaments means owning part of the game and even ruling it. So players can own :

  • The Warshmallows heroes

  • The items and loot

  • The rewards and tournament prizes

  • The Virtual currency of the game (at the right moment)

  • Your account and progress

  • The Warshmallows World ;)

We deeply believe that by doing so, we are bringing a whole experience where the players, you, are part of the game expansion as you'll be part of the game, and the game will be part of you. Please don't hesitate to reach out on Discord and ask us any question you want, and so many other decisions that you will have to make to be the Warshmallows World’s champion. The Warshmallows Development Team,

About the game :

Gameplay: Collect and manage your team of Warshmallows and engage them in battles where your choices will make the difference. Which hero, which object, where to place them, which superpower and so many other decisions that you will have to make to be the Warshmallows World champion.

The tournaments: Fight, win and you will earn rewards and prizes and can even rule the Warshmallows World.

The economy: You will be able to trade, exchange, rent, and do whatever suits you with your owned digital collectibles in Warshmallows World.

The Warshmallows heroes:

The first 500 Warshmallows are available to be owned here:

All details about the Warshmmalows in this link

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