The YoYo coin


Utility :

YOYO is a Utility token that will be used in the Warshmallows Game to :
  • Own Heroes, cosmetics, objects, and any digital asset in the game
  • Upgrade your Warshmallows and unlock skills
  • Upgrade your account and unlock superpowers
  • Access tournaments and special events online
  • Access tournaments and special events in real life How to own it: rewarded via playing and winning matches and tournaments in Warshmallows World. A YoYo generator, a locking system, and community challenges will also help to own YoYo Coin..
Find out How to get YOYO in-game.
If you are interested to get access to the YoYo coins before the launch of the game feel free to contact us.
In Warshmallows World, we collect the YoYo spent by the players in a chest, then in the next period, we redistribute them as rewards in the game.