💰Rewards system

An overview of the rewards approach in Warshmallows World: Our own way of creating games is reflected in the way we make people earn. People will earn from their performance in the game


Our vision for a sustainable game is to play to have fun, own, and then earn based on performance.

Basically, 60% of the in-game store sales in YoYo in one week are redistributed as battles and tournament rewards for the next week. To make it more interesting, we match almost the same amount from the player's fund.

Below is an example of how this can work :

Example of weekly rewards :

Store Sales generated 100,000 YoYo.

60% of the store sales in YoYo will be reinjected into the game for the next Week.

The amount is doubled in each category from the player's fund

This tab explains it :

Name% from weekly store revenues Amount of YoYo from store salesPlayers fundTotal amount of YoYo for next week in the chest

Weekly casual battle fund





Weekly tournement fund

20 %




Community fund

10 %



Based on this example next week Play and earn chest will contain 100,000 YoYo to be distributed as rewards.

This way we smooth the injection of the YoYo inside the economy of the game and make it depend on the size of the community.

A bigger community means more battles -> more in-game sales -> more demand for YoYo -> this will increase the value of YoYo and risk creating entry barriers to late adopters.

The player's fund contribution which is linked to the previous week will help inject just enough YoYo into the economy to sustain the price in a way that is consistent with the community size.

YoYo Emissions:

370,000,000 YoYo (37% of total token supply) Allocated for play to earn game that will be rolled out sequentially Allocation.

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