💰Spending the YoYo : Lil'zard the taker

How to spend YoYo coins in Warshmallows World

The Story

Chindrella and Lil’Zard are the two gods of the Warshmallows. The Warsh World is in a perfect balance between these two forces: Chindrella the maker and giver VS Lil'zard, the taker.

Ways to spend YoYo Coins:

In the game, Lil'zard is the G.O.D. (Game official designer) that takes and make players spend their YoYo coins

Lil’Zard is the god responsible for the catastrophes in the Warshmallows World. When he is hungry he can't control himself and create catastrophes like volcano eruptions, bird attacks, Elephants rumbling, etc … The only way to calm him is to offer him YoYos. Lil’Zard can :

  • Help upgrade and activate superpowers on the Warshmallows Skills tree.

  • Sell power-up items and consumables in exchange for YoYo in the in-game store.

  • Offer weekly power-ups and consumables if you lend him YoYo (Locking)

YoYo locking and rewards: By lending YoYo to Lil'Zard players get rewarded depending on the amount of locked coin.

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