Quick matches

Quci matches overview

Quick Match :

Description :

A quick match is a 5-round match, each round not exceeding 15 seconds of playing time.

Rules and rewards conditions:

Rewards :

  • XP Points: The player will have a choice to make and decide who to allocate the experience points to, either to one of the three warshmallows he owns or directly to his profile.

  • YoYo Coins: With the yoyo coins the player will be able to go to the game store and buy NFTs either Warshmallows cards or items.

  • Loot:

The loot can be an item that has an impact on the game round or an item to place on one of the warshmallows to modify and increase its attributes.

The Loot can also be a consumable booster that benefits either the team or one of the warshmallows placed on the game, the consumable can be a magic potion or an energy drink, and its function here is to boost.

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