The Game

Game Summary

Warshmallows World :

Warshmallows World is a casual competitive 2D auto shooter made for casual players and backed by blockchain technology.

Warshmallows World Is a 3Vs3 auto-battler Shooter game starring the Warshmallows.

Player input:

The Warshmallows are independent living creatures, the players have to manage them and help them upgrade, level up, and choose the right strategy inside the game.
Players will be able to collect and engage their Warshmallows in epic battles, they must make decisive actions with the right combinations.
After being rewarded with XP points and YoYo coins the player will choose where to place them.


The Warshmallows are autonomous and evolve during the time their AI will move, attack, defend, aim, shoot, slap, fly, and avoid danger ALONE.


Account Progression :

Player's accounts start from level 1 and upon reaching certain milestones (every 5 levels ) they unlock game mechanics and other rewards ( boosters / Coins )
This plan is made with a stamina mechanic that acts as content pacing. and ensures that all players consume content at roughly the same pace. After participating in a certain number of matches characters will become exhausted and will have to rest for x amount of time.

Two types of progression :

  1. 1.
    By borrowing the starter pack with 3 free Warshmallows characters, the player will have a slow progression, and will only get 30% of the value of the reward.
  2. 2.
    By purchasing Warshmallows character packs the player will have a fast progression and will get 100 % of the value of the reward.

Curated combinations of Warshmallow Characters :

Warshmallows Characters
Descendants of the six Warshmallows clans are mighty little creatures from a bygone era.
Each with unique strengths and abilities that are inherited from breeding.
Choose from three classes of Warshmallows, each class containing four types of weapons and each weapon can be loaded with three types of ammo.
Each Warshmallows will have unique combat skills.