Generate new characters -The expedition

Expedition mission

The expedition: By sending 3 Warshmallows in an expedition, they always come back with a 4th.


For the expedition there are choices to be made, first of all, the duration of the expedition, then the destination, then comes the choice of the Warshmallows to send and it is in this last one that you have to rack your brains.

The Warshmallows are defined by several characteristics which are: clan, rarity, class, weapons, ammunition, level, and each character chosen in your Warshmallows increases your chances to win a Warshmallows of the same characteristics.

More info about characteristics.

Rules :

Expedition time:

Ranging from one week to one month

Drop chance factors:

The factors that increase the chances of finding extraordinary loot depend on the combination of the following characteristics: clan, rarity, class, weapons, ammunition, and level.

Locked Warshmallows:

When you lock your Warshmallows, the expedition is closed, you cannot remove your Warshmallows until the expedition ends.

The number of expeditions:

You can only send one expedition at a time.

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