Every Warshmallow is represented by:

Clan: LooLoo(Orange)-TrickyTwins(White)-Shining(Yellow)-CherryBomb(Pink)-Survivors(Blue)-WagicBeans(Green).

Name: Skin / Race.

Scarcity: Common < Rare < Epic < Legendary

Class :

  • Tank High Health Points, Low Attack and movement speed

  • Infantry Moderate Attack, Health Points, and movement speed

  • Scout has high Attack and Movement Speed, Low health Points

The class defines the stats intervals (Check this link)

Weapon: Rifle-Shot Gun-Machine Gun-Sniper-Power Gun-Gummy bear cannon

Ammo: Fire-Ice-Electric-Bubble gum

Super Power:

  • Yellow: Change for 1 second all bullets to yellow

  • Blue: Harmless for 1 second

  • Green: Plant a tree for defense

  • Pink: Changes bullets directions

  • Orange: Surround herself with dummies

  • White Girl: Hacks the jet pack of all Warshmallows

  • White Boy: Farting cushion that absorbs damage and explodes

Level: from 0 up to 30.


  • Movement: Speed/Dash length/Jumps/Fly duration

  • Battle: Life bar/Precision/Slap effect duration

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