Game Mechanics

Overview about core gameplay Mechanics


Players can bring out the maximum potential of the team by balancing the composition of Warshmallows classes, choosing complementary clans, combining skill synergies, and positioning Warshmallows strategically in battle.

A 3 vs 3 autobattler Shooter 2D Game :

The players will have to :

  • Buy, Win, Borrow or Rent a Warshmallows

  • Manage his/her collection

  • Upgrade and level up the Warshmallows

  • Select 3 Warshmallows from the collection for each match

  • Define where they are going to start on the map

  • Watch them battle

  • Activate the user's superpower during the match

Super Power :

Watch and Help with Super Power whenever you want:

Play Warshmallows-World in a duel battle with other players.

Win matches with your 3 Warshmallows characters from your deck to improve their stats and advance in the game.

Collect and acquire the best cards in the game.

You will become more and more powerful. As you progress through the game, you will learn about the different strategies and mechanics of the game.

The ultimate goal is to become the best and have the best deck in the game that challenges all other players.

The Main game loop :

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