The team : Mission, Vision, Values

A brief presentation of our values and goals

🧭 Mission

Make a very fun casual competitive video game, accessible to a wide audience and help them value ownership in the digital world

πŸ”­ Vision

Build a trans-media brand out of the Warshmallows World characters and stories. This will start with a video game that will create a new type of video game champions out of ordinary casual players

βš–οΈ Values

Players first

Our users and community members entrust us with their leisure time and money, so Warshmallows World is built and will improve around our community needs and feedback.

Fun is King

Fun and all its synonyms like enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, etc.. are the pillars of the Warshmallows World video game. Every decision that our team will make, will be done having in mind that players’ fun should prevail above all.

Sustainability is Queen

Making a profitable and sustainable ecosystem around Warshmallows World is our goal. We are building a new brand and franchise, starring the Warshmallows in video games but also in comic books, animated series, merchandising, etc … The economy around the game is designed circularly to give value to every element in the game and make the in game economy sustainable.


By design, Warshmallows is made to that every human being can culturally identify himself playing it. And we are making a special effort to promote places in the world that are still under represented in video games.

Fair reward / Play to own and Win to earn

Play a cool game and earn from it, this is a utopia getting real only if the reward is fair and promotes performance and players excellent behavior. That's why in Warshmallows World, the better the achievement, the greater the reward. We are planning to reward :

  • Qualitative playtime through play-to-own mechanics

  • Gaming performance with Win to earn: mainly weekly tournaments, seasons and annual world cup

  • Community engagement: the more a community member is engaged and bring value to other Warshmallows World players, the more they will get rewarded

To Earendel and beyond

Earendel being the most distant star spotted by the Hubble telescope so far, our goal is to make Warshmallows as a brand, as a game, and as a trans-media experience that goes beyond Earendel.

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