🍩Getting/Earning the YoYo: Chindrella the maker

How to own YoYo coins from Warshmallows World

The Story

Chindrella and Lil’Zard are the two gods of the Warshmallows. The Warshmallows World is in a perfect balance between these two forces: Chindrella the maker and giver VS Lil'zard, the taker.

Ways to get YoYo Coins

In the game, Chindrella is the G.O.D. (Game official designer) that creates and rewards players with YoYo coins

For playing matches (Quick matches-leagues-Seasons)

Chindrella loves to watch Warshmallows playing and most of all winning. She rewards the Winners after each game with a certain amount of YoYos.

  • Within limits of the amount in the weekly chest.

YoYo prizes (leagues-Seasons-World cup)

During the week, Chindrella first collects a certain amount of YoYo and then gives them as a reward to the valiant champions of the week, either in leagues or tournaments.

Daily YoYo with the YoYo Generator

Each player can get a certain amount of YoYo per 24h by claiming it in the game.

Chindrella will give a fixed amount of YoYo per day to every player, to increase the daily amount, players can link up to 6 Warshmallows to the generator.

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