Why do we use blockchain technology?

Why we decided to use the blockchain technology

As gamers,

We've dreamed for a long time of the moment when we could own our progression in the games we love. As we play, we develop a real connection with our characters, their progression, their powers, skins, cosmetics, etc. Owning them was a Utopia until blockchain technology came along. And now that we can achieve this utopia ourselves, we decided to include blockchain technology in Warshmallows World.

As developers,

We are focusing on making a game that our community will enjoy playing and spending time in it. And this is our promise to all the players of Warshmallows World: Game first. So our use of the blockchain will go strictly on real added values for the game and the players: like owning the characters, transparency on the transaction, and a well-organized peer-to-peer market between the players.

We would like also to explain to our community how important is blockchain technology and what it is bringing :

  • Security

  • Ownership

  • Transparency

  • Regulation in the game

  • etc.

And to make this happen, anyone can contact us directly on discord in a special channel: Why blockchain? or by email: explaintome@warshmallows.com

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